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Applying for a transfer

Applying for a transfer

Permanent teachers seeking to move from or to country schools can apply for a transfer, by applying to the teacher transfer pool.

The transfer pool is available to teachers seeking to move from country to country schools, country to metropolitan schools, and metropolitan to country schools.

Applicants in the transfer pool are considered for permanent vacancies arising during the current school year once the positions have been cleared through redeployment.

The transfer pool is not available for transfers from one metropolitan school to another metropolitan school. Teachers wishing to move from one metropolitan school to another metropolitan school can apply for advertised vacancies or by arranging a mobility transfer.

How to apply

You can apply to the transfer pool advertised on the Internal Jobs Board. To access the advertisement, type "Teacher Transfer Pool" in the keywords search area.

Click on the ‘Apply for Job’ button and follow the instructions to complete the online application. You are able to select the region you wish to transfer to.

Where vacancies arise that match your location preference/s and no redeployee is available, your details may be forwarded to the selection panel for that position. Transfer pool applicants are considered according to transfer points. Permanent teachers start accruing transfer points from their first permanent appointment. The number of transfer points is based on the school type and location. Applicants with 15 or more points are considered in the first instance. Where there are no applicants with 15 or more points, applicants with fewer than 15 points are considered.

If you are assessed as suitable for the vacancy, you are contacted to ascertain whether or not you wish to accept the transfer. For information on how to calculate transfer points, and transfer points allocated to schools, please see the links below.

If you choose to apply to the Teacher Transfer Pool you will be considered in the first instance with applicants with 15 or more points, regardless of the number of transfer points you have obtained.  For assistance with this process please contact the Schools Recruitment Hotline on 9264 4127.

Information for teachers to calculate their transfer points

School Lists and Transfer Points

If offered a transfer, you are under no obligation to accept it and your application remains in the transfer pool to be considered for future vacancies.

If you do accept the transfer, a suitable start date is negotiated. Your transfer application is withdrawn from the transfer pool for future vacancies arising during that year, as only one transfer a year is permissible.

Applications to the transfer pool can be made at anytime during the year, however only applications in the transfer pool at the time of a vacancy are considered.

Applications to the transfer pool are only valid for one school year.

A new transfer pool is established in Term 3 for the following year. If you are unsuccessful in gaining a transfer you need to re-apply to the transfer pool to be considered for vacancies arising during the following year.

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Mobility transfers

Available to teachers, school administrators and school psychologists

The aim of mobility transfer is to provide permanent teachers, school administrators and school psychologists with opportunities for professional growth through relocating to different schools or worksites. This is also the mechanism for staff seeking to move between metropolitan schools.

An individual assessment of merit is required where a staff member is transferred at level (comparable or equivalent position based on salary/wage excluding allowances, penalty rates, no loss of tenure or service continuity) to another position within the Department. An assessment of merit that includes matching to the context, ethos and directions of the school is desirable, as is an assessment of the individual’s desire to move to that location.

Eligibility requirements

  • Both staff members must hold substantive positions in a school.
  • Both staff members must be qualified to teach or work in the area they are assigned and be prepared to accept each other’s work fraction.
  • Responsibility to instigate negotiation for a mobility transfer with a suitably qualified staff member lies with the staff member seeking the relocation. Staff should speak with their line manager to confirm their approval to begin negotiations.
  • The Mobility Transfer Matching Facility is available to view details of other staff who are interested in a mobility transfer.
  • Relocation must be negotiated with the approval of both principals/line managers. Any specific duties, responsibilities and conditions undertaken by staff must be negotiated and confirmed by the transferees and principals/line managers before the relocation takes effect.
  • Mobility transfers can be either on a permanent or fixed term basis.
  • Electronic advices need to be processed at a school level to notify Personnel and Payroll of these movements.

Entitlement to housing and transport assistance

A staff member who is employed under the School Education Act Employees’ (Teachers and School Administrators) General Agreement 2017 may be eligible for housing and transport assistance depending on the duration of the relocation.

  • The Department reimburses or pays costs and any allowance that a staff member would normally be entitled to on transfer. The Department cannot reimburse any payments without relevant invoices and receipts.
  • For temporary mobility transfers, staff currently living in Government Regional Officers Housing (GROH) must telephone Housing and Transport on 9264 4412 to confirm their future eligibility for housing.
  • For permanent mobility transfers, staff seeking GROH housing in country locations must telephone Housing and Transport on 9264 4412 to discuss availability.
Applying for a transfer

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