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Reporting Requirements of Schools

The Reporting Requirements of Schools document sets out schools’ reporting requirements in relation to the Department of Education’s strategic initiatives, Commonwealth programs, routine operational information and information collected on behalf of external agencies. This document has been used for several years as part of the monitoring undertaken to support the change management process referred to in Certified Agreements.

Each reporting requirement generally consists of:

  • a short description of the requirement and a contact for further information
  • purpose of the requirement
  • the schools to which the reporting requirement applies
  • the method of meeting the reporting requirement
  • who requires the information requested in the reporting requirement
  • when the information requested in the reporting requirement is due


A number of requirements are moving away from the production of manual reports to the automated download of information from school information systems. The introduction of web based surveys is also changing the nature of some reporting. These items are still included in this document in order to assist in comprehensively monitoring the reporting requests made of schools.

A web based facility is available to support the reporting requirements of schools. This site provides links to key forms, detailed documentation and support services for each of the reporting requirements. These are available as monthly or term reports based on their due date.

An automated email is also sent to school Principals on the 1st day of each month advising the requirements that may need to be attended to.

Reporting Requirements of Schools

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