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Aboriginal Education

Leading the AIEO program

An effective AIEO program is evident where there is strong and supportive leadership by the principal and a high profile for Aboriginal education in the school. A good relationship between the principal and the AIEO can help make the program successful.

The effectiveness of the AIEO program can also be increased by ensuring that principals:

  • have had professional learning on ways to effectively engage AIEOs to support students’ education;
  • raise the status of AIEOs in the school;
  • acknowledge and promote the valuable role that AIEOs play in the teaching and learning program;
  • put in place professional development strategies for AIEOs such as mentoring and opportunities to engage in formal training;
  • undertake performance management with AIEOs;
  • clearly outline the responsibilities and expectations of the AIEO; and
  • provide regular feedback to AIEOs.
Leading the AIEO program

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