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Aboriginal Education

Role of the AIEO

AIEOs provide support and assistance to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, their parents/guardians, teachers, the school and the community. Their knowledge, understanding and the sharing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history, language(s) and culture help AIEOs perform this role. Aboriginality is considered essential for this position under Section 50(d) of the Western Australian Equal Opportunity Act (1984).

The key components of the AIEO role may include:

  • helping Aboriginal students with their schooling;
  • assisting teachers in the classroom;
  • communicating with parents and community;
  • providing support and advice to principals, teachers and other staff;
  • assisting with the school administration; and
  • working with external agencies and relevant professionals.

The role of the AIEO is defined in the job description form. [Sign In]

AIEOs contribute cultural knowledge, skills and experience that support the school in improving the educational outcomes of Aboriginal students. Table 1 shows the range of tasks performed by AIEOs, as identified in the program review. AIEOs undertake different tasks, depending on the needs of the school and community and the particular skills and abilities they bring to the position.

At induction [Sign In], the principal negotiates the AIEO role in the school and collaboratively plans a program of work with the AIEO. The performance management process includes identification of professional learning needs.

Induction also provides newly appointed staff with an understanding and appreciation of the requirements of their job, knowledge of the functions of their work area as well as procedures should the AIEO feel harassed or discriminated against in the workplace. Induction should make reference to:

Department of Education policies

Further information on induction is available at: Workforce Division Intranet [Sign In]

Table 1: AIEO Role

AIEO Roles


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