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Administrative tasks

Administrative tasks

An area of responsibility for many AIEOs is administration. This may include the following tasks:

  • organising events for the school community
  • record keeping and writing reports
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Organising events

As a part of their role in promoting Aboriginal culture in the school, AIEOs may be asked to assist in:

  • planning celebrations, such as NAIDOC Week, Reconciliation Week, Sorry Day or Harmony Day;
  • organising visits to culturally significant sites;
  • arranging incursions for visitors who make presentations on cultural learning for students and staff;
  • arranging breakfasts and lunches for students; and
  • organising camps and trips, according to the Department of Education’s policy on excursions.
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Record keeping and writing reports

The role also requires the AIEO to complete reports on community visits and incidents involving students at the school. The AIEO Handbook lists the following requirements for liaison reports.

Following each liaison visit the AIEO should file a liaison report. The report should indicate:

  • officer attending
  • date and time
  • who is being seen and their address
  • purpose of visit
  • discussion
  • advice
  • requests received
  • outcomes
  • follow-up

Reports and information will also be required as part of:

  • interviews with parents or students at school;
  • reporting on student behaviour; and
  • preparing notes for classroom work.

For further information on this aspect of the role, refer to Walk Right In (pp. 44-46).

Administrative tasks

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