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Aboriginal Education

Policy Directions

Strategic Directions in Aboriginal Education

The Department's work in Aboriginal education is shaped by key national and State policies, reports and recommendations.

The Department is committed to meeting the goals outlined in:

  • High Performance - High Care: Startegic Plan for WA Public Schools 2016-2019
  • Focus 2018: Directions for Schools
  • National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Strategy 2015
  • National Indigenous Reform Agreement - COAG Closing the Gap.
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National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Strategy

The National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Strategy was endorsed by the Education Council in September 2015.

The Strategy sets the principles and priorities that act as a framework to guide jurisdictions in developing and implementing localised policies and actions to improve education outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and young people in all schools.

The Strategy outlines seven priority areas.

  • Leadership, quality teaching, workforce development
  • Culture and identity
  • Partnerships
  • Attendance
  • Transition points including pathways to post-school options
  • School and child readiness
  • Literacy and numeracy

The Strategy also identifies national collaborative actions to help engage students, raise standards and ensure meaningful pathways beyond school.

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National Indigenous Reform Agreement - COAG Closing the Gap

The National Indigenous Reform Agreement (NIRA) was agreed by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) in November 2008. The NIRA captures the objectives, outcomes, outputs, performance measures and benchmarks that all governments have committed to achieving through the various national agreements and national partnership agreements to close the gap in Indigenous disadvantage.

COAG has set ambitious but clear targets to close the gap.  The targets relating to Aboriginal education are to:

  • ensure access for all Indigenous four year olds to early childhood education by 2025;
  • halve the gap in reading, writing and numeracy achievements for Indigenous students by 2018;
  • halve the gap for Indigenous Australians aged 20-24 in Year 12 attainment or equivalent attainment rates by 2020; and
  • close the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous school attendance within five years by 2018.
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Other key strategic planning documents include:

Policy Directions

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