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The involvement of Aboriginal parents, carers and other community members in school has an impact on the education outcomes of Aboriginal students and ensures that Aboriginal perspectives and views are taken into account in local decision making processes.

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School and Community Partnerships

A school and community partnership agreement is a formal commitment based on shared responsibility for the education of Aboriginal students at the school. An agreement is negotiated between the school, the parents and the local community or communities and is a commitment to work together as partners.

School and community partnership agreements outline expectations, goals, targets and specific roles and responsibilities of the school staff, the parents and community members. Partnership agreements recognise the role of parents as the first educator of children and the ongoing role they play in maximising the attendance, engagement and achievement of Aboriginal students.

Partnership agreements take time to facilitate. The process involves parents and school staff in conversations around what is working and what is not working and what can be done better. Through conversations, relationships are developed; barriers are dissolved and/or worked around. Successful partnerships engage parents and the community in the school as partners.

A resource kit, which provides planning tools, strategies, templates and guidelines to developing partnership agreements is available from your local Education Regional Office. The kit is useful for principals, school staff, parents and community members.


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