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Do you Hear What I Hear? Resource Kit

Do You Hear What I Hear Resource Kit

This set of materials has been developed by the Department of Education in Western Australia and the Department of Education, Science and Training through the National Indigenous English Literacy and Numeracy Strategy Funding.

The package is designed to consolidate awareness, knowledge and understanding of Otitis Media and Conductive Hearing Loss.

Together the resources provide a starting point which will enable to further develop and extend the program through the inclusion of a community approach within the school context.

This kit should be in all government schools library/resource centre and further copies may be obtained from Education Regional Offices or Central Office.

The kit contains:

Cost: Complete Kit $59.95, (totals includes GST)

  • Resource Book (only) - Previously $39.95, now available on request free to WA Govt Schools
  • CD (only) - Previously $25.00, now available on request free to WA Govt Schools

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Teacher Resources

This Conductive Hearing Loss powerpoint presentation created by Grania McCudden, Coordinator Student Services, is for use by staff at the District Education Offices. These documents may be reproduced, modified and updated as required by the District Office staff.

The following activities and handouts directly relate to Strategies 1-6 from the Resource book contained in the Do You Hear What I Hear? resource kit.

  • Strategy 1 (Slides 58 & 59)
    Catch, Green Rules, Red Rules
  • Strategy 2 (Slide 60)
    BBC, What Can You Hear? Y Chart, Types of Ears, Animal Ears-pictures
  • Strategy 3 ( Slide 61)
    Key Words, Riddles
  • Strategy 4 (Slide 62)
    Sound Fish, Syllables
  • Strategy 5 (Slide 63)
    Bingo, Letters, One minute words
  • Strategy 6 (Slide 64)
    Analysing spelling errors

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