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Implementing APAC

APAC will help you and your students gain an understanding and knowledge of Aboriginal culture, and to look at the world from an Aboriginal point of view rather than accepting only the dominant culture’s viewpoint. It offers teachers and students the chance to share and acknowledge the history and heritage of Aboriginal people in Western Australia.

Remember that, regardless of location, all Aboriginal people maintain their cultural identity and in many cases still engage in a range of cultural practices. The cultural diversity of students across and within Education Districts ranges from those living in remote areas with a strong traditional background, to those living in larger towns and living a more contemporary lifestyle.

Cultural sensitivity and understanding is of utmost importance in working with Aboriginal people. Regional Education Offices can offer considerable support with this. In particular, AIEOs are cultural consultants who can provide teachers with local cultural awareness training and assist with ways to enrich classroom programs and provide support for Aboriginal students. You can expand your knowledge of Aboriginal people and culture by listening to and respecting the advice and information given by AIEOs, Aboriginal teachers and principals, Aboriginal parents, and the wider community. Investing time in developing a good relationship with your AIEO is essential, given that relationships are a core factor in establishing respect and rapport within Aboriginal culture.

Cultural protocols within and around different communities vary and can affect the type of relevant information needed to work in a particular region with a particular group of Aboriginal people.

APAC has gathered a range of documents that explore some of these important issues. Click List of documents for more details.

Implementing APAC

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